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 hospitality market development
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Welcome   Profile   Solutions   Contact   Studies


"Much more than structure, highly visible staff

 is the key to guest loyalty and profit"

 Eric Dubreuil

 Business strategist and communication advisor

  (*) Elegant selling for luxury hospitality



Optimize your revenue

§         Elegant selling (*) - upselling techniques

§         Wake up ALL your "sales" forces

§         Marketing with social media


Revive your guests’ satisfaction and loyalty

§         Understand the human dimension of your guests

§         Use of social media: guest dissatisfaction=opportunity

§         Quality management, audits and mystery shopping


Rethink your organization to enhance profit

§         Operational and structural review 

§         Cost analysis

§         Payroll monitoring


Introduce or improve sustainability 

§         Create and develop diversity

§         Improve employees’ satisfaction and reduce turn-over

§         Strengthen environmental awareness


Discover and create new opportunities      

§         Interim Management

§         Market and feasibility studies, business plans

§         Strategic partnerships